Climatech was founded on a solid premise of customer service. In today’s market, competitive price and quality are expected. Service sets the exceptional companies apart—and that’s where we excel.

At Climatech we view our staff as an extension of the customers we serve. To support your sales and save you money, we’ll work closely with you to determine your needs and fabricate / extrude a product that is both effective and cost-efficient. The employees own the company; we’re motivated to provide individual service.

Our inside and outside sales staff and manufacturing staff know what it takes to manufacture the product you need. We work only with the most qualified, reliable suppliers. You can rely on us—we have your goals in mind.

“Outstanding Customer Service”

Climatech Vision Statement

To be the highest quality supplier of products and services to the industries and markets we serve.

To foster an environment that inspires growth and prosperity to our greatest assets; our employees, our customers, our suppliers, and our shareholders.

To continue to expand our operations through diversification of our processes, our product offerings, our markets, and our customer base.

To embrace technology that enables us to continue providing the greatest amount of value to our customers and our shareholders.

To accomplish all of these commitments and be successful in business; building a strong legacy, without sacrificing our strong conviction of ethics and integrity.