Our custom plastic fabrications and extrusions are designed and built to meet the needs of diverse customers throughout the commercial and industrial sectors. We serve a global market of both large and small businesses in many industries. Learn more about our capabilities and industry-specific product options.

Services and Capabilities

At Climatech, we specialize in creating low- and high-volume orders of custom components through fabrication and plastic extrusion processes.


We create custom die-cut components from flexible foams and sponges, rubber, plastic, solid urethane materials, and more. Our gaskets and seals can be laminated or finished with pressure-sensitive adhesives for simple installation and longer duration. We employ a range of tooling options to achieve our clients’ unique specifications.


Our facility has over 30 extruders of different sizes to create high-volume custom orders. We make extrusions from a wide range of plastics, including recycled plastics, for a wide variety of consumer, commercial, and industrial clients. We offer custom color matching capabilities, extrusions with additional weatherproofing capabilities, and products that can withstand temperature extremes.

Industries and Applications

We serve the following industries:

General Industry

Our general industry services include:

  • Custom die-cut profiles and shapes
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Plastic parts for noise reduction and dampening vibrations
  • Plastic parts for heat insulation and electrical insulation

Mineral Processing

Our plastic components for electroplating use cases include the following:

  • Custom parts
  • Custom cell furniture
  • Cathode edge strips
  • Mist retention components
  • Molded anode insulators
  • Structural composite parts

Vertical Farming

We create lighting insulators, gutter rails, and grow tower components with custom UV extensions for the indoor farming industry.

Curtain Wall

For construction and building applications, we develop specialty thermo-insulating composite polymers, including:

  • Thermal breaks
  • Co-extrusions with bulb
  • Lighting insulators


We design and produce insulator components for signage and point of purchase displays.

About Climatech

At Climatech, we’re a leading provider of custom die-cut fabrications and plastic extrusions with custom profiles. Our organization is ISO 9001:2015 certified so our clients can rely on our production teams for durable, high-quality custom parts and extrusions. We serve companies across many different industries, including:

  • Appliance manufacturers
  • Industrial manufacturers
  • Medical
  • Mining and refining
  • Recreational
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Window and door manufacturers

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and how our production teams can assist with your next project. You can also request a quote for pricing details and to start your order.