At Climatech, we’re committed to serving our clients with high-quality products on schedule. We operate with expedited lead times to ensure you receive the products you need, including components for recreational vehicles. Our team of production and design experts can create rapid prototypes, low-volume orders, and high-volume orders that fit your schedule, with standard lead times of three or four weeks for standalone projects and expedited options for rushed orders. Our in-house production center with state-of-the-art equipment can produce between 25 and 50 units per cycle and over 10,000 components per day. 

Industries We Serve

We serve the following recreational vehicle markets with custom profile plastic extrusions and die-cut fabricated components:

  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Side-by-Sides
  • Motor Cycles
  • Marine Vehicles


We use a wide selection of specialty materials to ensure each part is built to last in extreme environments and harsh recreational use. Common applications include:

  • Thermal guarding 
  • Heat shielding
  • Sound absorption
  • Vibration dampening
  • Water/air sealing
  • Packaging
  • Exhaust Gaskets

Our Services

At Climatech, we provide high-quality secondary services for the recreational vehicle industry. These include:

  • Custom Lamination. We provide custom adhesives for long-lasting bonds that withstand extreme environmental exposure. Our lamination services can be applied to custom plastic extrusions and custom die-cut fabrications.
  • Individual Parts Labeling and Barcoding. Our production team can individually label each part for better organization and tracking throughout every stage in the supply chain. This makes it easier for your team to track, assemble, and sell or install each part.
  • Kitting Services. Complex assemblies have many different components. Our team can assemble different kits of fasteners, structural elements, and other components into configurations for easier transportation and sale.

Choose Climatech

When you’re sourcing recreational vehicle components, it’s important to work with a partner who is committed to product quality and engineering integrity. At Climatech, we have over 25 years of experience working with recreational vehicles and over 60 years of material expertise. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we offer 99.5% on-time delivery with cost-effective solutions. We can help your team design new parts, refine existing designs, and produce complete components. For more information about Climatech, or to get started on your recreational vehicle solution, contact us today.