Our Fabrication Services

Our fabrication department has the equipment and processes needed to take raw or semi-finished materials and turn them into finished components meeting your specifications.


  • Laminating
  • Slitting
  • Die-Cutting
  • CNC Fabrication
  • Kitting
  • Engineering Support


Our ability to convert non-metallic materials in-house creates a controlled environment giving us the flexibility to customize and combine raw materials to meet specific application needs. Our team completes multiple converting operations for internal production and external customer requirements. 


If a custom adhesive is needed or if two materials need to be bonded together our team can create the multi-layered solution for your application. 

Slitting / Splitting

Custom thickness or widths required? Expertise in slitting and splitting allows us to match your application!

Die-Less CNC Fabrication

Programmed with a CAD model our CNC cutting equipment doesn’t need a die allowing us the flexibility to prototype or full-scale produce without the upfront costs for the customer.

CNC Router

Programmable bit cutting for rigid materials.

CNC Flash Cutter

Programmable knife cutting for flexible materials.


Using steel rule and/or hard tool dies we can produce tight tolerance non-metallic parts for a wide range of volumes.

Computer-Controlled Die-Cutting
Automated Die-Cutting

Value Added Services

Allow our team to maximize the value of your part for it’s application!


Need to group multiple part numbers together and buy them as a package? Kitting is the solution!


Custom labeling for warehousing, tracking and quality control.

Engineering Support

Dedicated engineering team to assist with your application needs. Providing material guidance, part manufacturability suggestions or continuous improvement on our manufacturing floor.

Logistical Support

Need to limit your inventory? Our team can manage inventories, ship to forecasts and deliver just in time.