Climatech is a premier provider of custom fabrication solutions. We offer a broad selection of fabrication services, including die cutting, converting, CNC fabricating, laminating, kitting, and more. Armed with extensive experience, cutting-edge equipment, and multiple types of tooling, our team can handle virtually any flexible substrate and turn it into a variety of parts and products. We produce components ranging from simple die-cut gaskets to specialized assemblies with tight tolerances in short or long runs. 

Our Fabrication Services

Fabrication refers to the processes involved in marking raw or semi-finished materials into finished components or assemblies. We offer the following fabrication services: 

  • Die cutting: Die cutting is a manufacturing process that utilizes a die and press to cut shapes out of flat pieces of material. We perform rotary die cutting and computer-controlled die cutting. 
  • Converting: Converting is the modification or combination of raw materials intended to make them easier to handle, transport, and/or turn into finished components or assemblies. Our team provides material slitting and lamination capabilities. We can convert all types of non-metallic materials and thin-gauge foils.
  • CNC fabrication: CNC fabrication is fabrication operations performed with computer-controlled equipment. We are equipped for CNC sawing, slitting, CNC routing, CNC flash cutting, and CNC die cutting. 

In addition to these primary services, we also offer the following secondary services, which can be add-ons to converting projects: 

  • Laminating: Lamination is the process of creating a material in multiple layers. The resulting material exhibits enhanced protection, durability, and resilience compared to single-layer materials. It is commonly used for gaskets and seals.
  • Kitting: Kitting is the process of organizing and assembling pieces required for subsequent manufacturing operations into bundles to make them easier to deliver to the next station or location. 

Our Fabrication Equipment & Materials


Our facility houses a range of fabrication equipment, allowing us to accommodate all of our customers’ fabrication needs. Our equipment list includes: 

  • CNC saws
  • Slitters
  • Laminators
  • CNC routers
  • CNC flash cutters
  • Small, medium, and large tonnage presses
  • Computer-controlled die cutters
  • Rotary die cutters
  • Rapid prototyping machines and tools

Industries and Applications Served

Our fabrication team can work with customers from any market. However, we often serve those looking for components for appliances, general industrial devices and systems, or recreational vehicles 

Typical parts and products we produce include: 

  • Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Belting
  • Vibration dampeners
  • Isolation devices
  • Heat/electrical insulation
  • Noise reducers

Fabrication Solutions With Climatech

At Climatech, we strive to deliver top-quality solutions to our customers. By choosing us for their fabrication needs, they benefit from our: 

  • Fast turnaround: We offer standard lead times of one to three weeks for tooling and three to four weeks for production. However, we can achieve faster turnaround if needed. 
  • Competitive prices: We can present customers with options for better pricing than our competitors. 
  • High quality standards: We maintain ISO 9001 certification and can produce components to automotive or Mil-spec standards. 
  • Robust inspection methods: We perform a variety of tests on our fabricated components using check gauges, visual mylar overlays, and calibers and tape measures.
  • Rapid prototyping services: We can quickly produce prototypes for proof of concept and testing.
  • Flexible production capacities: We can accommodate small to large volume orders.
  • Tight tolerance capabilities: We can meet various tolerances requests, depending on component material and size. 

To learn more about our fabrication capabilities or discuss your fabrication needs with one of our team members, contact us today.  

Climatech is a leading manufacturer of custom die-cut and fabricated components. Our versatile presses produce close-tolerance products in long or short runs, from a simple die-cut gasket or seal to a specialty composite or assembly. We work with pressure-sensitive adhesives and laminate virtually all types of substrates. Your products can incorporate all types of flexible materials such as foams and sponges (open- and closed-cell), solid rubbers, solid plastics, and urethanes, etc.

Tooling and design are very important aspects of producing die-cut products. We utilize multiple types of tooling to meet your product specifications. Our experienced fabrication staff has the knowledge and resources required to allow your ideas to become a reality. Climatech will also present options that can result in better pricing and performance enhancements so you can realize the full value of working with a quality supplier.

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