Climatech promotes quality into all aspects of company operations. To achieve this statement, Climatech utilizes training, documentation, and standardization of processes and procedures. Standard Operating Procedures give all employees direction that a particular job duty will be conducted to the standard. The standards also set a level of quality that is expected and provide Climatech the procedure to remove variation establishing consistency.

Climatech has established a reputation for supplying fine quality products and services. One of our prime objectives is to retain and enhance that reputation. The expectation is to have our name synonymous with quality.

Climatech Industries is ISO 9001:2015 certified.  Tools such as internal quality audits are utilized to insure adherence to the Business Management System.  Parts qualification requirements such as Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and Parts Qualification Requirements (PQR) are utilized when developing new products.  Lean Management and Six Sigma methodologies are employed to increase efficiencies and minimize variation. Statistical analysis of the quality requirements in both production divisions is utilized to insure that the process is controlled and that the lot quality meets or exceeds the expectations.

A comprehensive training matrix program insures that employees receive training in all aspects of their job responsibilities.  The training ranges from caliper and print reading to process capability studies (Cpk) training.  Each module has proficiency evaluation at the closure of each module.  This insures that the content is retained. 











Climatech is proud to announce the acquisition of a CNC Motorized Video System with MeasureFit Plus® Software.  This addition to our Quality Lab allows us to very accurately measure custom profile extrusions, die cut parts, and fabricated components using a hands free technology.  The Smart Scope allows us to view and measure parts from 33.9 times magnification up to 176 times magnification.  In addition, the lighting options allow greater analysis of multiple extruder materials.


The Smart Scope has the ability to import and overlay nominal geometry data.  This aligns either with a best fit option or if we specify a datum, it will align to that feature.  This gives additional information in regards to the profile or part.  The alignment will be conducted the same each time vs. variation from operator to operator.


Data collection is also a great benefit.  We can create reports or export the data into a data base for further evaluation.  The software will also allow us to import the data into our statistical software for analysis.  The reporting software also keeps track of the recorded data for each point in Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts to determine whether our process is in control. CNC measurement will greatly enhance product developments for our internal tool design or in assisting our customers to review complex areas of a profile shape.  The measurement system will expedite First Article, PPAP and SPC submission to allow your project to remain on track and timely for new product launches.


Climatech is committed to being a leader in providing technological advancements. We are committed to being a positive contributor to your success in the marketplace.  Our vision is to be the best provider of custom profile plastic extrusions and custom die-cut fabricated components in the industries and markets we serve.