Extrusion Division

Climatech extrusion capabilities will provide the quality and value you desire from a business partner.

With more than 30 extruders—ranging in size from ¾” to 4 ½” –and complete “in-line” and “off-line” fabrication capabilities, we are able to produce your profile needs in PVC (rigid and flexible), CPVC, ABS, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, SCP, EVA and TPR/TPE. Eco-Friendly alternatives are also available and our material selections continue to be upgraded in this ever changing environment. We have been recycling plastic products for many years and are always looking at innovative ideas in doing our part to enhance the environment.

In conjunction with our in-house CAD supported tool and die shop, Climatech has years of experience to meet present and future plastic design requests. The most current CNC machines are used to develop very intricate and unique profile extrusion tools, which assures our customers of receiving excellent quality parts and designs to meet the most difficult of applications.

When you need weatherable components,we extrude plastic that withstands varying temperatures while retaining its shape and color. We have years of experience in manufacturing products for the Millwork and Recreation Markets. Climatech has custom color match capability to enhance your profile extrusions. When you want products to withstand extreme temperatures, including refrigeration applications or high-heat requirements, we have materials available to meet the circumstance. If you need strong, acid resistant materials, like our customers in the mining industry, we can provide products for your application. They resist heat and /or chemicals to provide extensive service. After years of work in the plastics industry, we extrude multiple materials into long-lasting custom products.

Custom profile multi-material extruding is a Climatech specialty. We lead the industry in combining two or more materials into a double, triple or quadruple extrusion. There’s no need to graft existing products together, or attach flexible materials to rigid materials. We create a composite product in one step to save you time and money.

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